Saturday, November 7, 2009

A short list of good reasons to make Denver home

Among the many good reasons to live in Colorado, housing ranks right up there.  Despite the report in the Denver Post today, we are healthy, wealthy and wise(Denver metro home resales drop in October - The Denver Post).  At least according to what the lists would tell us.  Even the article referred to does not paint a bleak picture.  Although the numbers for October were down year over year (a 7.6% drop), they are still up 2.9% month over month!
We've got it pretty good in Colorado.  Median home prices are also UP- 7.7% for single family homes, and 3.5% for condos.  Pent up demand coupled with a decline in inventory helps drive prices up a bit.  What's more, despite the nations dismal 10+% unemployment rate, Colorado sits at 7% unemployment.  In other words 93% of Coloradans have jobs. 
A few other good reasons to live here:
300 days of sunshine a year.
Denver is the highest educated city: of those above the age of 25, 78.9% of the population has graduated high school, and 34.5% hold at least a bachelor's degree.
We live within 2 hours' drive of the most fabulous skiing in the world.
63.4% of those working in the city also live there.
Starting next summer, 14th Street will be transformed into a more 'walkable' space, complete with bike lanes and racks.
What's your favorite reason for living in the Denver area?

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